Plone 4.0 Alpha Release

Plone 4.0 is a new major release of Plone, which builds on the Plone 3 release series. Substantial speed improvements, smaller RAM footprint, better support for large data volumes.

Plone 4 will focus on updates in the underlying Zope and Python technologies, substantial speed improvements, better support for large data volumes, and a variety of end-user features.

A final release is to be expected in early 2010.

Improvement proposals included in this release:

Make standard file content types use ZODB BLOB support
Move action icon support into actions, deprecate CMFActionIcons
Move our upgrade / migration infrastructure to GenericSetup
Require Python 2.5 or 2.6, Zope 2.12, and CMF 2.2 for Plone 4.0
Replace SecureMailHost with a standard Zope mailhost
Use normal CSS and no more magic base_properties
Set Image IDs from Title field
support logins using e-mail address instead of user id
Add TinyMCE as the default visual editor
Add jQuery Tools to base install
Expand variable substitution in mailing action of
Replace Products.ATReferenceBrowserWidget with archetypes.referencebrowserwidget
Group dashboards
GenericSetup syntax for importing Sharing page roles
Merge backport patches from into Plone
Exposing and editing Dublin Core properties
Show blocked portlets in management interface
Allow to show/hide portlets
Use real names instead of usernames
Better search for East Asian (multi-byte) languages.
User registration process more flexible
New theme for Plone 4
Unify folder implementations
Reimplement the search form with an eye on usability
Add ability to choose group when adding new site members

Plone 4.0 Alpha Release