We’re hiring entry – level engineers – if you are a Comp Sci grad who lacks direction in life, we are here to help!

WANTED - Comp Sci gradsWe’re looking for engineers who love getting their hands dirty with everything from application logic to core infrastructure to the front-end. The ideal candidate is someone who doesn’t want to be pigeon-holed. You love the challenges of building new systems, and have the technical knowledge to move effortlessly between layers of a system.

We want passionate grads – people excited about their work/profession as well as their life.

No egos or attitudes — just talented grads who are good at what they do, open to new ideas, eager to learn, and excited about innovation and the web.

Your coworkers will be a talented, diverse group of individuals, with broad skills and knowledge.

Competitive wages, and a relaxed, fun work environment.

See our porfolio of work – http://mooball.tumblr.com – see your self working for these clients?

think it over and get in touch – call 07 3484 0516